When we open a web browser and surf a web page it creates a new entry in the history stack. As we keep navigating to different pages new entries get pushed into the stack.

To access the history object we can use

// or

To navigate between the different history stack we can use go() , forward() and back()methods of history object.

  1. go(): It is used to navigate the specific URL of the history stack.

    history.go(-1); // moves page backward
    history.go(0);  // refreshes the current page
    history.go(); // refreshes the current page
    history.go(1) // moves page forward

    Note: the current page position in history stack is 0.

  2. back() : To navigate page backward we use back() method.

  3. forward(): It loads the next list in the browser history. It is similar to clicking the forward button in the browser.


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