Concatenation involves adding two or more strings together, creating a larger string containing the combined data of those original strings. The concatenation of a string appends one or more strings to another string. This is done in JavaScript using the following ways.

  • using the + operator
  • using the concat() method
  • using the array join() method
  • using the template literal (introduced in ES6)

The string concat() method accepts the list of strings as parameters and returns a new string after concatenation i.e. combination of all the strings. Whereas the array join() method is used to concatenate all the elements present in an array by converting them into a single string.

The template literal uses backtick (``) and provides an easy way to create multiline strings and perform string interpolation. An expression can be used inside the backtick using $ sign and curly braces ${expression}.

const icon = '👋';
// using template Strings
`hi ${icon}`;

// using join() Method
['hi', icon].join(' ');

// using concat() Method
''.concat('hi ', icon);

//  using + operator
'hi ' + icon;
// hi 👋

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