The Math object allows performing mathematical operations in JavaScript. It is static and doesn't have a constructor. One can use method and properties of Math object without creating a Math object first. For accessing its property one can use Some of the math properties are described below:

Math.E; // returns Euler's number
Math.PI; // returns PI
Math.SQRT2; // returns the square root of 2
Math.SQRT1_2; // returns the square root of 1/2
Math.LN2; // returns the natural logarithm of 2
Math.LN10; // returns the natural logarithm of 10
Math.LOG2E; // returns base 2 logarithm of E
Math.LOG10E; // returns base 10 logarithm of E

Examples of some of the math methods are:

Math.pow(8, 2); // 64
Math.round(4.6); // 5
Math.ceil(4.9); // 5
Math.floor(4.9); // 4
Math.trunc(4.9); // 4
Math.sign(-4); // -1
Math.sqrt(64); // 8
Math.abs(-4.7); // 4.7
Math.sin((90 * Math.PI) / 180); // 1 (the sine of 90 degrees)
Math.cos((0 * Math.PI) / 180); // 1 (the cos of 0 degrees)
Math.min(0, 150, 30, 20, -8, -200); // -200
Math.max(0, 150, 30, 20, -8, -200); // 150
Math.random(); // 0.44763808380924375
Math.log(2); // 0.6931471805599453
Math.log2(8); // 3
Math.log10(1000); // 3

To access maths method, one can call its methods directly with arguments wherever necessary.

Method Description
abs(x) Returns absolute value of x
acos(x) Returns arccosine of x, in radians
acosh(x) Returns hyperbolic arccosine of x
asin(x) Returns arcsine of x, in radians
asinh(x) Returns hyperbolic arcsine of x
atan(x) Returns arctangent of x as a numeric value between -PI/2 and PI/2 radians
atan2(y,x) Returns arctangent of the quotient of its arguments
atanh(x) Returns hyperbolic arctangent of x
crbt(x) Returns cubic root of x
ceil(x) Returns rounded upwards to the nearest integer of x
cos(x) Returns consine of x, in radians
cosh(x) Returns hyperbolic cosine of x
exp(x) Returns exponential value of x
floor(x) Returns round downwards to the nearest integer of x
log(x) Returns natural logarithmetic of x
max(x,y,z,... n) Returns number with the highest value
min(x,y,z,... n) Returns number with the lowest value
pow(x,y) Returns value of x to the power of y
random() Returns number between 0 and 1
round(x) Rounds number to the nearest x
sign(x) Returns if x is negative, null or positive (-1,0,1)
sin(x) Returns sine of x, in radians
sinh(x) Returns hyperbolic sine of x
sqrt(x) Returns square root of x
tan(x) Returns tangent of an angle
tanh(x) Returns hyperbolic tangent of x
trunc(x) Returns integer part of a number (x)

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