Constants were introduced in ES6(2015), and use a const keyword. Variables that are declared with const cannot be reassigned or redeclared.


const VERSION = "1.2";

📝 Task:

  • [ ] Run the program mentioned below and fix the error that you see in the console. Make sure that the code result is 0.9 when it is fixed in the console.

    const VERSION = "0.7";
    VERSION = "0.9";
  • [ ] Write a program that prompts user to enter a temperature in degrees Celsius, then use constant CONVERSION_FACTOR which equals to 9/5 to convert to degrees Fahrenheit.

    const CONVERSION_FACTOR = 9 / 5;
    /* Start your code from here*/

💡 Hints:

  • Visit the Variables chapter for more info about const and also look for "TypeError assignment to constant variable" in search engines to learn a fix.

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