Objects are the collection of key, value pairs and each pair of key-value are known as a property. Here, the property of the key can be a string whereas its value can be of any value.

📝 Tasks:

Given a Doe family that includes two members, where each member's information is provided in form of an object.

let person = {
    name: "John",                    //String
    lastName: "Doe",
    age: 35,                         //Number
    gender: "male",
    luckyNumbers: [ 7, 11, 13, 17], //Array
    significantOther: person2       //Object, 

let person2 = {
    name: "Jane",
    lastName: "Doe",
    age: 38,
    gender: "female",
    luckyNumbers: [ 2, 4, 6, 8],
    significantOther: person

let family = {
    lastName: "Doe",
    members: [person, person2]       //Array of objects
  • [ ] Find a way to print the name of the first member of the Doe family in a console.
  • [ ] Change the fourth luckyNumbers of the second member of the Doe family to 33.
  • [ ] Add a new member to the family by creating a new person (Jimmy Doe, 13, male, [1, 2, 3, 4], null) and update the member list.
  • [ ] Print the SUM of the lucky numbers of Doe family in the console.

💡 Hints:

  • Visit the objects chapter to understand how the object work.
  • You can get luckyNumbers from each person object inside the family object.
  • Once you get each array just loop over it adding every element and then add each sum of the 3 family members.

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